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The battle between the legends continues.....
This page in the site is devoted to covering every apect of the race between two world war two fighters. In here are statistics and facts about these legends.

Attributes: Corsair
The war in the pacific was bloody, action packed, and kept the Americans on the short end. The main reason for this was the Mitsubishi Zero fighter, which had scored many hits in pearl harbor and the battle of Midway. The Chance- Vought company then went on a joint venture to create a plane versitile enough to counter the Zero. Vought started out by trying to cram the largest engine into the smallest airframe. After there first design was made, they realized that the plane was to low to the ground and that the emense prop could hit the ground. The solved the problem by raising the wing so that it acheived its legendary gull wing look. The main roles of the corsair were fleet defense, attack, and bomber escort. It fought heavily in world war two, Korea, and in Suez.

Name: F-4U-1A Corsair

Vought Armament:

6 mg 12.7 mm
2 bombs 450 kg (Nalpam, iron etc)
Length: 10m16 Max Speed: 671 km/h Ceiling: 11245 m
height: 4m90 Weight Max: 6350 kg Range: 1640 km
Span: 12m50 Crew: 1 Engines: 1
Kills: 2660
Notes: Corsair
The Hose Nose Corsair was without a dought the best fighter plane of the pacifc, and some say the entire war. It changed the war because the naval fleet now had air protection from japanese torpedo, dive, and kamakazi bombers. It continued to serve in many wars after WW2 and continues to serve in the Canadian Royal Airforce.

The P-51 Mustang was created in order to meet a British requirment for a good fighter to be used against Germany. It took the North American Aviation company only 100 days to design what would come to be known as one of the best fighters over Europe. It had strait wings over the the engine intake. It packed a powerfull british made Merline engine. One of the main roles of the Mustang was to escort the bombers into the heart of Germany(which is were it would score most of its kills defending them). After WW2 it fought along side the corsair in Korea.
Name: P-51D Mustang

North American Armament:
6 mg 12.7 mm
2 bombs 454 kg

Length: 9m83 Max Speed: 703 km/h Ceiling: 12800 m
height: 4m16 Weight Max: 5493 kg Range: 3350 km
Span: 11m28 Crew: 1 Engines: 1

Kill ratio: Approximatly 19:1

Notes On the mustang
The P-51 Mustang changes the war in Europe because it allowed Allied bombers to destroy Germany. Although many people say that it had an outstanding kill ratio, it did not achieve those kills in pure dogfight like the Corsair, instead it would kill just as the hun got behind to bomber and it had a concentrated state of flight. Now the mustang would have its target holding still so it could make its move. Regardless, the P-51 Mustang was a beutifull agile aircraft who deserves gratitued for turning the tides in Europe.


This site is deticated to my friend and huge warbird fan Aaron Wolf